SONJA STAINES is the Artistic Director for Ballet Excelsior of Houston. Ms. Staines was the founder of Sonshine Theatre Company in 1996, and instrumental in the commencement of Ballet Excelsior of Houston as a subsidiary in 2002. She also functions as President, and creates ballets for the company’s local and  international mission work. Her involvement in the performing arts spans over three decades, starting in Australia. She has produced musicals, variety shows, and ballets in Australia, Canada and the USA. Ms. Staines is also committed to dance education and co-author and now examines the Sonshine Christian Ballet Syllabus, (currently being taught in the USA and internationally); and is the owner and director of Excelsior School of Dance.

God created the arts, and He is reclaiming the arts. The arts are an expression of Him. They are a vital part of mankind. No civilization has been without the arts. Our life and our emotions of – love, hate, joy, redemption, forgiveness, are felt in our everyday living. There are so many hurts and injuries in this unredeemed world, such private issues. Only the movement of His spirit can touch ‘those’ areas within us, shed light within us, and give us forgiveness, understanding, comfort, and healing. The classically trained dancer is a highly skilled instrument, who has control and freedom of the body to move and express depth of feeling, emotion and truth. Christian ballet, is not about ballet, but about Him. We are driven to do this and our desire is to reveal Him. Add music and the spirit of God and this art form is powerful beyond words!”

LIZA POLLOK is Founder and director of Ballet Excelsior of Houston, as well as the choreographer and principle dancer for the company. Liza’s early ballet train-ing was in Australia and Canada (Sonshine Christian Ballet, Commonwealth Society Teachers of Dance, Christian Ballet Academy and Royal Academy of Dance), and she relocated to the United States at eighteen years of age. She has danced as a company member with Ad Deum Dance Company, as well as traveled extensively as a dancer to Russia, Europe, Canada, Australia, China and throughout Central America. She is on staff as a teacher with Project Dance Sydney, Los Angeles, Atlanta, NYC & Houston, and is co-director of Excelsior School of Dance. Liza is a mother of two (Andrew and Isabel) and a Pastor’s wife, to Scot.

My passion is missions, and my gift of dance is my language. Trained in a Christian ballet school in Australia, and raised in a ministry family, my ballet was continually used in worship and evangelism. Dance was a part of life and developed naturally for me as a language to communicate to and about the Lord. On missions I have seen new joy in the eyes of the lost street children and little orphans, and deliverance of the tormented; this is the calling on my life and it led me to form Ballet Excelsior of Houston. Together, we as a company want to carry His name to the nations.”

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