“While I was in college I was not able to be a part of Ballet Excelsior, due to my schedule, and unfortunately I went down the wrong path. Liza, Sonja, and the rest of the girls in the company, made sure to stay in touch with me and invited me to every show, which of course my flesh said no but my spirit cried out for. Four years went by and I finally went to Ballet Excelsior’s yearly fundraiser of Dessert with a Purpose, it is amazing to have experienced how the spirit falls throughout the whole audience like a heavy blanket, I found myself sobbing as I watched these girls worship the Lord with their every step, their every breathe–their everything. God spoke to me that night and I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Ballet Excelsior was on a mission and I was to do everything I could to help. I turned my life around that night and have never looked back. This past summer I was invited to be in the company and was blessed enough to have joined BE in Bulgaria. I cannot explain the emotions I felt as I worshiped God, feeling Him move into the audience, and knowing how it feels to be on the other side of that stage. I am so thankful that through Ballet Excelsior I have been given the chance to witness to people through my gift, as they did to me!”  – Ashley White

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