A Christian contemporary ballet company, using the art of dance to glorify God.

Who Are We?

Ballet Excelsior of Houston, established in 2002 by Liza Pollok, presents the Christian message of inspiration and hope, through the language of dance, as a professional Christian ballet company and ministry.

One of our dancers expressed it this way. “I am a Christian performing artist because I have found Jesus Christ to be the answer to the great ‘why?’ of my art, just as He is the answer to the ultimate ‘why?’ of my life. When I partner with God to communicate the things on His heart, the Holy Spirit will help the audience to receive it in ways that are beyond human comprehension.”

Our Mission

The years of ballet training and dedication are seen in the Ballet Excelsior of Houston, dance company. Their inspiring professional performances are met for one purpose, to glorify God. Each dancer has received an individual calling to this ministry. The Director of Ballet Excelsior put it this way, “My passion is missions, and my gift of dance is my language to communicate to and about the Lord. On missions I have seen new joy in the eyes of the lost street children and little orphans, and deliverance of the tormented; this is the calling on my life and it led me to form Ballet Excelsior of Houston. Together, we as a company want to carry His name to the nations.”

Together, we can carry His name to the nations.

Our Most Recent Work

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