Venue Requirements


  • Preferred size 35’x30’ dance area, a smaller area can be accommodated with prior arrangements.
  • Marlie style dance floor with cloth gaffers tape (if within driving distance we will supply).
  • Access to broom, mop and water (we will need to mop the dance floor before the performance).
  • Stage area lighting capabilities.
  • Dance/rehearsal space available.
  • Access to electricity for our CD player for class and rehearsal.
  • The Company must have exclusive use of the theatre, dressing rooms and backstage area while during any planned residency.
  • If applicable, the theatre or local presenter will need to provide skilled theatrical stagehands to facilitate the loading in, rehearsal, performance, and load out. Specific numbers of crew would be determined by the repertoire.


  • Facilities for a minimum of 12 dancers, or number arranged, with easy access to dance area.
  • A lighted mirror and counter space for 12 dancers.
  • A costume rack or some other method of hanging costumes.
  • Sinks with running water.
  • Working toilets separated by gender and not shared with the public.
  • These are only the bare minimum requirements; certain repertoire, programming, and performance locations could also require lighting equipment, staging, or additional equipment.


The requirements below are for recorded playback only.

  • A professional quality house mixing console.
  • One CD Player.
  • One announce mic positioned back stage right.
  • A Stereo house PA system.
  • A Stage Monitor system – at least 2 cabinets.
  • All appropriate cables, connectors, amplifiers, and power supplies should
  • be provided for the above.
  • Adequate equalization, processing, and delay equipment for sound reinforcement in your facility.
  • Adequate tables and masking should be provided for the mix position.
  • Audio amps, P.A. stacks and the FOH desk should be positioned prior to the BE arrival.


(Where applicable) A total of 4 headset stations as follows:

  • 1- Stage Right
  • 1- Sound Desk (Sound Operator)
  • 1- Lights (Board Operator)
  • 1- Director
  • In Theatre: Dressing room monitor and paging system for rehearsals and performances, where ever possible.


  • A specific schedule and list of crew requirements will be discussed as part of the technical advance in order to facilitate an efficient load in and a successful performance.
  • This schedule will vary and depend on the performance – will need Light technician to work with our technician or light designer, to set cues and adjust lights as necessary. Will also need a Sound technician and the sound system in place and all soft goods hung according to the line set schedule prior to dancers arrival.
  • If we are providing the roll out Dance Floor, our staff will lay it and provide the gaffa tape. Otherwise the floor will be laid by theatre staff as per schedule.
  • If possible same crew be available for rehearsals and show calls.
  • This schedule is subject to change and mutual agreement.
  • Technical specifications are engagement specific and primarily dependent upon the repertoire presented. Detailed riders beyond the above requirements accompany all individual bookings.

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